Khan Academy: Intro to HTML/CSS

This was a very unexpected assignment in my opinion. I really thought this coding stuff only happened when we participated in the Hour of Code, I guess not. This is probably a good thing in the long run, considering that most of us will have to have coding as a skill for many occupations now, and even if it’s not a required skill, it still helps to know. HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is what people use in this webpages to customize their fonts, images, and how certain things are arranged. It’s the basic coding of the webpage. To be honest, it’s only useful for appearances, and even then, you’re very limited. Here’s my example of what some of HTML is:

Tags are more specific examples, though. In my example there are tags. These specific tags I was using were for the list I created. The tag,”<li>”, means “list item”, and in order to end the list item’s name at specific place, use the closing tag,</li>. Otherwise tagS will continue on, and merge with other list items. There are other tags like <h1>, but those only useful for headings, as the “H” represents.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a more advanced webpage style. It’s the more advanced coding, programmers use in their webpage’s background color, and font color. Color can also be customized after using the “style” tags(<style>)to enable color customization. The style tags must also be in between the “head” tags(<head>). To customize the color of something specific, type something like H2(heading 2) outside of the curly bracket. Inside the curly brackets type in “color:blue;”, and you’re good to go. If you want a specific type of blue then use the rgb color picker as shown in the example: color: rgb(); . The color picker will pop up instantly, and you’re free to pick any color you want. Here’s an example of what that would look like:


Color isn’t the only thing CSS is capable. IDs can be applied to certain paragraphs or headings to be specific on which paragraph you want a certain color. Yes, I know I just said CSS has more capabilities other than color, but bear with. IDs can also be specific in their own way, and provide organization in general for those of us who want to categorize our paragraphs. Like I said before, the way the style tags and color picker are arranged is the same way, but below that you’re going to insert something like this: #famous-songs{ background-color:green;}

You have to insert the ID, though, before you try to edit a certain paragraph. Otherwise the color will not be assigned to the background space the paragraph is occupying. The ID tag looks something like this: <p id=”famous-songs”>

Here’s an example of what all of this would look like:


I love talking to you guys so leave a comment on your thoughts and opinions about what was done here. Basically lets start some discussions up on what you want to critique on.



This new assignment involved creating forums on gmail, asking questions, The best part is we each got to create and customize the questions in the survey. This definitely is a 10/10 in my opinion and neck and neck with the Room assignment! If you want to fill out my survey then the link will be below. If you were involved in this and didn’t share your survey with me then do so in the comments please. I would really like to check those out! Also the responses I got form the questions I made were pretty mixed. The questions I had asked about their name(not their full name), interests, date of birth(not their full date), their zodiac signs, gemstones, who they wanted elected, etc. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to be creepy. I just want to learn more about people because why not? Besides they’re basic questions that aren’t really personal. Anyway, one response in particular was relatable in a way but not very, and just goes to show you that anybody and everybody can be very similar, or different in big ways. It was fun to experiment with my own survey, and after this I might use Google Forms for fun.


I love talking to you guys so leave a comment on your thoughts and opinions about what was done here. Basically lets start some discussions up on what you want to critique on.