History: Islamic Project

First off I would like to get this off the table before people start commenting on how I’m lacking content or how I could’ve given a summary on this project with greater description; I’m finishing this up at the last minute, and also even if I’d started on this earlier, I would’ve run into the problem of actually recording information for my summary, or taking a picture, which would’ve taken time out of my class time(I would’ve fallen behind on some things.). Anyway, this project that we were working on in History was a presentation that summarized everything we had learned on the Islamic Empire: their accomplishments, their religion, etc. Ms.Pegg told us about a site other than google slides,which I don’t know, but last minute, remember!?

(got to go and I might update tonight so until then, subject to change)

((if not then here’s what I usually end on))

I love talking to you guys so leave a comment on your thoughts and opinions about what was done here. Basically lets start some discussions up on what you want to critique on.